Brooklyn Craft Company

Beginner Tapestry Weaving

June 26th 6:30-9:30

July 27th 4-7

Weaving Level 2

August 7th 6:30-9:30

Crafty Hour- Make a Woven Necklace

July 26th 6:30-8:30


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Make a Macrame Plant Hanger

June 24th 7-9

July 28th 12-2

August 13th 7-9

Make a Macrame Wall Hanging

July 8th 7-9:30

July 28th 3-5:30

Tailor Made Studio

Craft Circle

July 13th 1-1:30

Modern Tapestry Weaving Workshop

July 13th 2-5

Craft Fairs & Pop Ups

The Brass Owl

June 30th

West Elm Manhattan

June 29th

Better Than Jam

September 20th-21st

Queens Craft Brigade

September 15th

October 20th

November 17th

December 15th

Gallery Shows

Small Works 2019 at Alterworks

May 17th-June 16th

Textile Arts Center 10 Year Reunion Exhibition- A Celebration of Textiles & Community

May 20th- June 3rd